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Advanced Kenpo Karate
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Champions In Life
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Serving Corvallis for 25 Years! Teaching Excellence and Building Strong Foundations! Call for information: 541-753-6614


Champions In Life, For Life!

Every student is encouraged to reach for their potential. Whether your goal is confidence, fitness, personal development, flexibility or a Black Belt, Aurora Martial Arts can help get you there!

Aurora Martial Arts is a "Black Belt" school. Our goal for every student is to help them earn their Black Belt; not only in the martial arts, but in life! By working toward this goal we create an environment in which the student develops confidence through accomplishing high, but realistic and attainable goals.

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Aurora Martial Arts - Fitness With A Purpose!

The study of Martial Arts has fascinated people through the ages with movements that can be as graceful as ballet while integrating the power and effectiveness of striking and kicking techniques. Modern times call for a self-defense system that is not stuck in outdated tradition. At Aurora Martial Arts, we teach America's modern system of Karate. Advanced Kenpo Karate teaches practical self defense skills that make you more capable of protecting yourself and your family. Like many American innovations, Kenpo Karate was created to empower the individual. Our goal is to develop the students' personal style so they can reach their greatest potential. We offer well-balanced programs for adults, teens and children that emphasize the development of focus, concentration, respect, self-esteem, fitness and coordination in a safe, positive and fun environment.

Advanced Kenpo Karate

(Kenpo - Law of the Fist, Karate - Empty Hand)

Advanced Kenpo is one of the most comprehensive and contemporary systems taught today. The system is based on the evolution of movement and tailored to the individual. Through analysis of strengths and weaknesses, changes and enhancements are made to fit the individual and create a system of martial arts built for today's environment.

Kenpo's emphasis is on practical self-defense. Kenpo blends the linear kicks and punches found in many Japanese systems, with circular movements of re-direction and countering that are common in Chinese Kung Fu. It also uses Escrima concepts in teaching weapon use and defense, while taking from both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and small-circle Jiu-Jitsu those elements needed to round out the practitioner's skills. This allows the Kenpo practitioner to choose appropriate responses for varying situations.

In Kenpo the focus is on speed of action and accuracy over pure power. The System is based on Logic and practicality, utilizing a rapid succession of strikes in a logical sequential order, gaining the maximum effect with minimum effort. By combining the use of hard and soft movements, Kenpo is ideal for children, teens, woman and men of all ages and fitness levels.

Advanced Kenpo Training System

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Little Dragons
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This is a great news story about our "Little Dragons" program! Focus, Self Control, Confidence and Fun, what could be better?!

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Martial Arts training works to improve Coordination, Balance, Agility, and Confidence!

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